Bitcoin Cloud Miner List

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Bitcoin Cloud Miner is a company/website which provides Bitcoin mining tools for rent. In order to use Cloud Miner website, you need to deposit a big amount of Bitcoin, because you are renting those tools. Advantage you got from Cloud Miner is you don’t need to maintenance mining tools, calculate electricity cost, because money you spend for a Cloud Miner is already contain that fee. But the weakness from Cloud Miner is some websites are scam and you can lost your money.

Here are Bitcoin Cloud Miner List I’ve been collected.

  1. Eobot
    Eobot is one of the trusted Cloud Miners. Founded in 2013, until now it has 1 million member and keep growing. I’ve been using this website since 2015 and have been withdrawed several times, and this Cloud Miner proofs me that they won’t lying to me and all user. They also serving Faucet which can be claimed every day. For free user, you can use this faucet to gain GHS for generating Bitcoin and other coins (Altcoin). To register, you can click here.
  2. Genesis Mining
    Genesis Mining is also one of the trusted Cloud Miners. Founded in 2013, this site is already serving five hundred thousand happy user until now. The deposit amount is quite big but you’ll rent it for 2 years . If you want a long term investation, then Genesis Mining is a right choice. To register, you can click here.
  3. Bitminer
    Bitminer is a unique Cloud Miner. Displaying an animation man who was sitting in front of a computer in a room that looked like he was working. Actually, this website can be used for free, but if you want to withdraw your Bitcoin, you have to deposit and upgrading your account with a minimum cost 0,01 Bitcoin. To register, you can click here.
  4. BitcoFarm
    Another unique Cloud Miner website. BitcoFarm changed GHS with colorful chicken to eliminate boring impression to the website. This website also include View Ads feature to generate Points which can be converted into Bitcoin balances. And you can buy chicken from this Bitcoin balances. Before you withdrawing your balances, you need to deposit your account. To register, you can click here.
  5. Golden Farm
    Cloud Miner Website which based in Russia is also serving unique display like BitcoFarm. The different is in Golden Farm will show you cute birds which will produce eggs to be converted with Silver. With this Silver, you can get Bitcoin or Russian Ruble (RUB). But for depositing, you have to convert Bitcoin to RUB. You can exchange Bitcoin to RUB with Payeer and you can withdraw your balance to Payeer. To register, you can click here.
  6. BitcoMine
    It is a same type Cloud Miner like BitcoFarm. The different is BitcoMine displaying Minerals Mining. All is a same. To register, you can click here.
  7. King Birds
    Same type Cloud Miner like Golden Farm. I’m not recommend this but for additional income, it’s okay. Why I’m not recommend this site? Because the birds price higher than Golden Farm. To register, you can click here.

Keep in mind that not all Cloud Miner website is paying. Remember that internet is not a place you can believe instantly without any proof. A tip from me. If you want depositing to a new Cloud Mining Website, try to send a small amount of Bitcoin. If you sure enough with the website, then you can transfer more Bitcoin. Be careful with website that promising big profit with with a quick time because it would be a scam website.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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