Earn Bitcoin By Playing Games (Update 05 Oct 2017)

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Playing game is very fun. But what if you are being paid just by playing game without entering any tournament? Is it impossible? No it’s not! Now you can earn bitcoin with just playing game! With this list, you will earn bitcoin while playing game. So, here is the list

Dashred – (Pay with Dashcoin)

First time, you need play a rotator to be able to play their games. This website serving 8 games (9 with Dash rotator) but you need some Dashcoin to play. This is why you need to play rotator because it’s the only way to generate Dashcoin to play (yes you can’t deposit, I don’t know why).  Visit & play here.

VirtualPub – (Pay with Bitcoin)

I’m not really sure if this is a game website, but when I open this website, I really enjoy playing there. You act as a manager of a Virtual Pub. Buy resources like Beer, Wine etc, hire a bartender, and sell it. You will gain credits with rates around 0.1 satoshi per credit. But before you can run a Pub, of course you need to buy the building. You will get some Credits to buy building, hire bartender and buy resources to gain your first income. Visit & play here.

Bit Fun – (Pay with Bitcoin)

This website serving so much Android games to be play. When this article is made, 634 games served on this web. Game such cut the rope series also can be play. Visit & play here.

PokeBits – (Pay with Bitcoin)

This website is a great place for Pokemon lovers. Yes, this website is serving Pokemon game. You can obtain new Pokemon, buy Pokemon, train them, battle with other player, even sell your Pokemon to gain Bitcoin. There are some quests to get Bitcoin and you can get Pokemon too in quest. Visit & play here.

Leave a reply if you have any website that can be added in this list.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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