Paid To Click Services (PTC) (Update 04 Oct 2017)

Paid to Click (PTC) is a services that pay you by visiting/viewing advertiser website. This service is a very common way to generate income with internet. Below are PTC services that I’ve been collected so far.

AdBtc – (Pay with Bitcoin)

It is a great paying Bitcoin PTC. You just need to spend up to 1 minute per website and you can get up to 100 satoshi per website, it’s a big prize because freebitcoin just pay you around 70 satoshi every hour. Withdraw threshold is just 15 000 satoshi. Visit this website here.

BitcoMine – (Pay with Bitcoin)

Actually, it’s a combined PTC and Cloud Mining website. Clicking on advertiser ad will generate point which can be used to buy Cloud Mining service. The Cloud Mining service will generate Bitcoin in Mining Product format (Diamond, Gold, Silver etc.). But you must visit this website everyday to get the Product or you will lose your Product on that day. And to withdraw,  you must deposit some bitcoin since it’s also a Cloud Mining website. I suggest to make a deposit when you are reaching the minimum withdraw (just first time deposit, after you deposit some Bitcoin, you can withdraw without depositing). For signing up, you will get 4 day free 1 Coal Worker. Visit this website here.

BitcoFarm – (Pay with Bitcoin)

It’s a same type of PTC just like BitcoMine. But the difference is BitcoFarm’s Mining Product is Egg, Wool, Milk etc. everything is all same. And BitcoFarm is the first website using this method (PTC + Cloud Mining). For signing up, you will get 1 day free Bronze Chicken. Visit this website here.

Clixsense – (Pay with USD)

It’s one of the oldest PTC sites. You can get paid by viewing ads, completing tasks, and fill up surveys. Visit this website here.

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